We Listen to Customer Input

Litho Craft’s marketing division, LCI group, helps companies plan, execute, analyze and refine targeted markets to improve their marketing effectiveness.  We create marketing communications that connect you to your target audiences with amazing relevance.  These are not merely customized communications; they are relevant personal messages.

We have the know-how to steer you in the right direction to become more customer centric…to measure it…and to see results!

LCI group believes that honest, hard working people dedicated to real proactive customer service builds our reputation.  We will enjoy helping you build your business as much as you do.

Check out our Marketing Division here for more information, then give us a call.

Graphic Design

Litho Craft has professional graphic designers on staff. Our team can accomplish all your design needs. Whether you are starting from scratch, or need a fresh new look for your design and marketing, we are here for you.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Your Personal Design Team – Our designers will work with you one-on-one so your ideas can come to life sooner, without mistranslation! From logos & branding to brochures, flyers, mailers, forms and ads – we can help guide you to a professional look for your marketing projects. The Litho Craft Design Team pride themselves on creating unique and custom looks for each client – we know from experience that a personal look for you and your business will help distinguish you from your competitors, and create a recognition with customers both new and current.
  • Design & Marketing Assistance – If you just need assistance upgrading your current marketing, or would like extra help while you or your current design team are on vacation, we do it all. Call and make an appointment with one of our team members so we can discuss what your own graphic design & marketing goals are.
  • Technical Design Specialists – Litho Craft can also show you how the layout and design of your mailing materials need to be created, in order to meet stringent postal requirements for a smooth mail process as well as achieve lower postage costs.

Contact our Graphic Design Team for assistance on your project.

Mailing Services

Litho Craft’s Direct Mailing Solutions provides our customers with the most cost effective means to get their mail from Point A to Point B. Postal regulations can be very complicated and having the assistance of knowledgeable pros can help develop your mailing so it meets these stringent criteria and get it where it needs to be, with the least headaches and the lowest cost possible.

    • Standard A (Bulk), Presorted First Class
    • Automated Mail Preparation
    • CASS Certification
    • NCOA (National Change of Address) Services
    • Variable Data Printing & Mail Merge
    • Pressure Seal Privacy Form Preparation
    • Live Stamp, Meter or Mailing Indicia
    • Inkjetting or Laser Labels
    • Multi-Color Direct Impression
    • Fulfillment & Hand Assembly
    • Inserting
    • Bindery

Contact our Mailing Services Department for questions on your next mailing!

Visit our mailing division website here for more information

Ask John

“John” is our resident pre-press hero; he’s the one who can help answer all of your technical questions so your project prints perfectly!

We’ll help answer your questions involving: Page Layout, Photoshop, FTP How-To, Software, Optional file preparations, and more.

“Ask John” is at your service! Call us at 206.789.7151 or email us at:

A little history on this service: Affectionately named after our former and long-time pre-press guru, John Meister, we decided to keep his name for our “Ask John” service. Feel free to contact us on your technical questions…we’re here for you!

We are proud that Adobe selected us as a beta site for their products.

Prepare a proper PDF to send us:

Create a press-ready PDF with crop marks. (Click to download-328 kb file)

Create a press-ready PDF without crop marks. (Click to download–406 kb file)


Need to get files to Litho Craft in a hurry?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one of the most reliable methods of sending files across the internet. FTP uploads your files into a private, secure folder that we are able to access. This allows you to send much larger files than could be emailed.

Our Web-based FTP client allows you to upload your files without having to download or install a stand-alone FTP client.

If you prefer, please email Prepress or contact your Customer Service Representative to have a private FTP folder set up for your company.

Before uploading, please compress your files for more reliable transfers with these two software titles:

On a Mac, you can also use the built-in compression tool. Just select your folder to compress, then go to “File”–“Compress”, and you’re ready to upload!


Click here to link to’s built in FTP client.